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Real Yoga with Hanna

Hanna teaches Real Yoga, a style she’s developed that is inclusive for everybody and allows her to inject her authentic self into her teaching. 


Hanna had avoided becoming a teacher for a long time because she didn’t quite ‘fit the mould.’ 

The constant image stream of perfect, beach babe, no-tan-line humans contorting themselves into pretzel shapes and nailing the (ever elusive) handstand gave her total imposter syndrome and made her feel like she didn’t belong on the yoga mat. You too?


It’s feelings like this, of inadequacy, self-doubt, and general eye-rolling-at-yoga-voice that drove her to teach yoga in a way that is fun, accessible, and feels real-life. If you love yoga but you haven’t connected with the right teacher yet, let Hanna guide your practice in a way that speaks to you. Not the yoga you, or the you you think you need to be. The real you. 


Hanna will meet you where you’re at. And where you’re at is a great place to be.

We’ll move and breathe, we might sweat, we might not, for sure we’ll have a laugh, and by the end you might’ve completed a yoga class in a space that simply asked you to be yourself. Nothing else. 

What's offered...

You have changed my life, so I wanted to reach out and thank you! I had been struggling with a few poses, and did a YouTube search on "yoga half splits" which is how I discovered you. I practiced your half-splits video, and for the first time ever, got the position correct! I had watched countless videos and read countless articles, and I was still doing it incorrectly... And then I did your video, and not only did I do it correctly, I FELT an immediate difference in my hamstrings!!! I love your approach. I love that I am starting to do poses correctly. I love your dogs! I love the way I feel when I practice with you. Your videos have made me a lot more confident with my yoga, and way more comfortable using props. You've dramatically improved my yoga practice, and I feel awful because I haven't paid a dime. What you do is amazing, and I simply wanted to reach out and thank you. You've made a positive difference in my life, and I am so thankful to you. THANK YOU



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