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Hiya! I'm Hanna

I was born on an island. Ok, that island was Australia, which seems far less cool. Right now, you can find me living with my husband, Alex, and our old dog, Felix, out of our campervan Herbert, on a sustainable farm community in Portugal.


I took my first yoga class around the same time the Internet became a thing, and I was immediately in love. With the internet. Yoga love took a bit more time. 


No, that’s a fib, I loved yoga immediately, but didn’t commit to a regular practice until 2015. 


The greatest gift I’ve received from yoga is the ability to appreciate my body as a vessel to do loads of awesome stuff. When I was a teenager, I developed an eating disorder and yoga was integral to my recovery. 


I practice what I preach and encourage true authenticity both on and off the mat.


I am a Disney-freak, a vegetarian, an ally and a moon-lover who only wears stretchy pants.

Why Yoga?

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are tangible. Everything from reducing stress and anxiety to gaining more strength and flexibility. 

Yoga is a practice of both body and mind, and (if you’re into it) spirit too.  


I love the practice of yoga, and I love how I feel after taking a great class. A class where the teacher gives me plenty of options to adapt to MY body, and provides the space for me to explore into asana, without feeling like I have to nail a shape.


If you have more queries, maybe they are answered here in the FAQs.


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