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Group Class Memberships

5- & 10- Class Sliding Scale Offerings:

Bulk purchase of classes are offered using a sliding scale payment system.  

It is important to note that this is not a pay-what-you-feel method, rather, members should choose the payment option that reflects their financial circumstances.

I am choosing to offer this in an effort to provide accessibility for those who have been priced out of the yoga and wellness space, and also to celebrate the effort, continuing knowledge and financial investments that are made within the yoga communities. 

Community Rate

The lower price bracket does not reflect the value of the work itself but is intended to welcome members with low or no income.

5 x €40

10x €75

Sustainer Rate

This price bracket covers the basic running costs such as equipment and rent and is for members with a steady income.

5 x €55

10x €100

Supporter Rate

This higher bracket reflects the true value of the work offered. It is for members with a comfortable income who can afford to cover the broader costs of the offering. Paying the highest bracket may also facilitate the participation for someone paying a community rate. 

5 x €65

10x €120

Please note the membership is currently only available for Tuesday Yoga in the Garden.

Booking and pricing information for the other classes are found in the Schedule

Private Class Memberships

Private sessions include but are not limited to:

- deepening your foundational asanas

- learning what correct alignment feels like in your body to maintain longevity

- improve strength and flexibility

- breathwork and meditation

- working with injuries/modifications

- fun and freedom in an accessible environment

- dad jokes ☺

5 Class Pass

Taking one-on-one sessions, personalised for you and your goals can have a profound impact on your relationship with yoga.

60 minutes


with your choice of destination.

5 x €350

5 Class Online

Practice from anywhere around the globe. Online classes can be suited to your needs and your timezone.

60 minutes


Practice via Zoom.

5 x €300

Private Class

Explore the many benefits of yoga in an accessible environment, with the freedom to ask questions, move differently, and dive deeper into a practice of self-inquiry.

60 minutes


1 x €75

Please note there is an additional 10€ charge for travel outside of the following districts:

13347, 13353, 13355, 13357, 10115, 10557, 10559

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