Special Events
  • Hanna has held a variety of workshops for clients. Choose a topic you'd like to focus on, and let Hanna create the workshop that's right for you.

  • Need an idea for your next work function, hens or bucks party?

    Why not try Beer Yoga?!

  • Connect with your child while maintaining a healthy mind and body.

    Organise a session with your

    Parents Group today.

Couple Yoga

Hanna can work with you to create a workshop based on your needs. Here are some ideas:​​

  • Mindfulness & Journalling

  • Partner Yoga

  • Yoga for Period Pain

  • Anatomical Focus

  • Meditation for Beginners

  • ...and many more!

What is Beer Yoga?

It's yoga, with beer!

And it's a great opportunity to combine the gentle movement and focus of yoga, with the relaxed atmosphere that beer-drinking provides.

A fun group activity that’s sure to bring people together as they navigate the difficulty of balancing whilst taking a few sips, or simply trying not to burp!


Beer Yoga is open to beginners and dedicated yogis alike, and while you may not achieve enlightenment, a beer-buzz comes pretty close.

Friends Drinking Beer
Mother and Baby
Mums & Bubs


  • Mums & Bubs classes

  • Yoga for Kids

  • Pre- & Post-Natal workshops

Let's get started...

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