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Corporate Yoga
  • Boosted Productivity

    Incorporating meditation and breathwork leads to clarity of mind.


    These tools enhance focus and creativity, which in turn increases productivity.

  • Building Community

    Shared activities increase overall effectiveness in the workplace by improving interpersonal communication and cultivating leadership and teamwork.

  • Overall Wellbeing

    Yoga has been proven to help individuals reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and enhance overall mood.

    The physical components of the practice lead to improved posture, strength and flexibility.

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What's Offered
  • In Office/Online Classes

  • Team Workshops or Retreats

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Programs

Did you know...
  • Companies in Germany can invest up to 500€ per employee per year on yoga classes as a tax-deductible cost? (EStG, § 3 Nr. 34)

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