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Keepin' it Real

Hanna teaches Real Yoga, a style she’s developed that is inclusive for everybody and allows her to inject her authentic self into her teaching.

If you love yoga but haven’t connected with the right teacher yet, let Hanna guide your practice in a way that speaks to you.

Not the yoga you, or the you you think you need to be. The real you.  

New to Yoga?

The start of your yoga journey is an exciting place to be. It can also be a little daunting. Let's schedule a chat and discover which class would be best for you. You can also book a Private Yoga Session and we can build the best practice for your needs.

Hanna will meet you where you’re at. And where you’re at is a great place to be.


Yoga Classes

Yoga Session
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Explore the many benefits of yoga in an accessible environment, with the freedom to ask questions, move differently, and dive deeper into a practice of self-inquiry. 

Yoga in the workplace can boost productivity, build a stronger sense of community amongst staff, and increase the overall wellbeing of your team. 

Do you need a yoga teacher for your retreat centre, surf camp, or corporate event? Or are you organising a weekend away with the girls that could use an extra something?

Join me on YouTube

My YouTube channel, Real Yoga, offers over 100 FREE yoga videos to choose from, each helping to guide you through your at-home yoga practice. 


The Real Yoga channel is about practicing in Real Life, with Real Bodies, to experience Real Change. It's about finding a connection to a yoga practice that is authentic to you.

 There's something for everybody, and every body. 

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