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Do you believe in magic?

I wanted to share with you something I did the other day that I have NEVER done before.

I had a Tarot reading.

Why? Because a woman I follow on Instagram (, check out her page, it's very pretty 🙌🏼) is a tarot reader, and she was offering a free card pull.

I slipped into her DM's and she wrote back that I was Number 3.

I had no idea how this worked. I almost messaged her to ask "What's next?" but I chickened out and trusted that I'd figure it out eventually.

It wasn't until the next day I saw that she'd made an IGTV video of the readings. I knew I was number 3, so as I was tucked into bed, Alex fast asleep next to me, I put my headphones in and watched her reading.

Let me take a pause here while I mention that I generally find this sort of stuff a bunch of horse shit. Astrology, palm readers, fortune tellers. All of it has not had one iota proven by science, and as I live with aforementioned Alex, I tend to steer clear of the woo-woo.

What I will say though, is I've always loved that sort of thing when it's not taken so seriously. As long as you're not banking your life savings on what an astrologer tells you, why not dip a toe in the mystical waters? I find the whole thing fun and fascinating.

Anyway, skeptical me watched the video, patiently waiting for number 3.

She pulled 'The Magician' card.

I repeat, I know NOTHING about Tarot, but I could tell this card was significant. And her reaction was different to the other cards. (Maybe my confirmation bias was already kicking in).

She went on to read the card.

I found out that The Magician is often associated with creatives, such as musicians and artists, but she said this wasn't specifically for those professions.

I knew what it was for. I just knew. And as she continued doing the reading my mouth widened as I totally felt I was getting my ass kicked into gear from the universe.

She said that there has been something creative that I've been sitting on, something that will be beneficial to not only myself, but others, and that I had to get it out. I had to start writing it down before someone else came along and did it instead.

I'm not going to share with you what it is, guesses are welcome, I only wanted to share how significant it felt to me.

Now, I acknowledge that if I said to you; there's something you've been holding on to inside of you that wants to come out, that you need to share it because others will benefit - I'm sure you could come up with something.

This is why I still don't 'believe' necessarily in whatever you want to call it, but I will 100% acknowledge that this reading spoke to me and got me very clear on exactly what I know I've been wanting to do, but haven't quite had the pussy to do anything about. (Side note: yes, I'm using pussy instead of balls, because balls are weak, and a pussy can bust out a human, so let's all start reversing the use of those terms, no?)

Although I'm not a convert to the mystical, I can totally appreciate that sometimes we need a message. Sometimes that message will come through yoga, meditation, a chat with a friend, or therapist, and sometimes it might come from that free fortune cookie you got with your salt and pepper tofu. However it arrives, remember that WE are in charge of how the message is received.

I needed this magical kick up the butt, but the rest of the butt-kicking is on me.

It's my turn to put in the work to make the magic happen, not the other way around.

(Might wanna read that again).

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