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Why I’m no longer working for ‘The Man’

Emails have been sent, and contracts are being terminated.

Damn, it feels good.

I have chosen to no longer work with sports apps that underpay teachers, or as we’re calling them in Berlin, platform capitalism.

Although excellent products for their consumers, these apps are not so excellent for the people behind the service. Maybe you weren’t aware?

Just like that super cheap T-shirt is probably not made from ethically-sourced fabric, or by someone earning a decent wage.

Speaking of clothes, (and I’m totally guilty of this), it’s not uncommon for someone to spend 80€ plus on their yoga gear (hello Lululemon (I still love you)), but when it comes to spending their money on the actual yoga, all of a sudden, it’s far too expensive. Interesting.

There is so much free yoga available to the public. I myself offer new, free classes every week. And I’m a little fish in a very big pond of quality yoga, offered for free.

Maybe this is the reason people don’t want to pay? They’ve seen a similar offering for nothing.

So why pay your teachers?

Your yoga teacher is offering a service. They provide you with activity and movement for your body, they might also provide you with some spiritual teachings, and some could even help you resolve issues of the body and mind.

My Lulu’s can’t do that!

(They can, ssshh, I still love you).

Online sports apps have devalued what we do.

Being paid less than half the price of a drop in, and, on average, 30% less than a regular student pass, is just not sustainable.

What they did offer was a platform for loads of students to find and join my classes. And they did. There were lots of new faces in classes every week. And then more new faces the week after. Some would be the same faces, but generally, these apps encouraged an environment of ‘trying it all.’

The reason I’ve finally decided to say no to platform capitalism was because of Corona.

A hugely clarifying time for a lot of us, for me, it was the deal breaker. When Corona hit and studios went down, a certain app changed the rules, and the result was even worse than before.

But not only that – the students that have been coming back into my classes during restricted opening have been regulars of mine from a time before apps. From a studio that appreciated community and offered fair rates for teachers. This studio valued building friendships, and sharing a practice that can be challenging, and rewarding, and that is ultimately about finding connection.

These students, and they know who they are, are badass, anti-capitalist, yoga-rebels, and they are exactly the kind of people I want to attract.

I no longer care that the numbers have dropped, because the people in my classes are my friends, my tribe, and I love them. And I love teaching them new things every week, and watching their practice grow and develop.

If you’ve been in one of my classes via ‘the app,’ it has been so great getting to know you, and I’d love to have you back. I offer discounted 5- or 10-card offers, and that payment directly supports me to support you through your practice.

I’m grateful for the lessons learnt during these ‘special times,’ and mostly grateful for the community that continues to support me either IRL or through the YouTube channel.

Stay rebellious, question capitalism, do yoga.

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