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Lazy is not a Dirty Word

I’ve been ‘working’ from home for a little while now. What have I achieved? Maybe not as much as I would’ve liked.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel riddled with anxiety with the thought that I should be doing more, earning more, hustling more. But sometimes, I just can’t get motivated.

And not every day. Some days are great. I’ve done a really good yoga session, the dogs have had a huge walk, I’ve achieved all my chores, written a blog, my class made me some coin. Some days are brilliant.

Other days, I don’t leave bed until midday, and from bed, make my way to the couch, and bust out three seasons of Transparent.

These days make me feel bad.

And why, you ask, don’t I just get up off my ass and do the things I do on the ‘good’ days? Well, I can’t quite answer that question. I know I should be doing yoga, and grocery shopping, and all the other things on my list. But all I want to do is be still.

I know I’m not alone in these grey days. And not alone in the feelings of guilt and judgement that comes with them. I mean, there’s always something we could be doing, right?

Maybe not.

Our brains and bodies need rest. Being busy has become standard. We love telling people how busy we are, what the rest of our day/week/month consists of. Lazy is a dirty word. But maybe we need to give ourselves the time to be inactive. To rest. And to not feel bad about resting. Not to make it worse by telling ourselves we’re lazy and unmotivated and should be doing more. We need to acknowledge what our bodies are telling us they need. What our minds need.

I watched the movie, ‘Christopher Robin’ the other day, and Winnie the Pooh so wisely stated, that; “Doing nothing often leads to the best kind of something.” And I do tend to agree with him.

It is through my ‘nothing’ days that I’ve reassessed what I need to feel fulfilled in my day. The things that get me going and will prevent those grey thoughts from coming up. Whether it’s working at my local café, taking the dogs out for a bit, preparing dinner. Whatever it is. Sometimes it’s in the days of nothing that I find the clarity to come up with new ideas. My brain isn’t filled with ‘busy’ and I can really collect my thoughts and prioritise the rest of my week.

Not every day looks the same. When I’m having a motivated-mood day, I try to get as much done as I can. When I’m having a slumpy day, I let that be the case. I find that when I’m tired and bored, my work is tired and bored. I’m actually better off being lazy, watching a series or reading a book. Making copious amounts of tea, and somewhere in all that, finding the energy to make some food. When I’m feeling good, I notice it and appreciate it even more. I’m more aware of my body and mind, and can really feel that I feel better. I get things done, and often, the good days make up for the other ones.

Regardless of the mood, I try to do at least one activity every day that is the same. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee at my local, a 20 minute yoga practice, or walking the dogs. It’s in the repetition of habits that we leave space for our minds to get creative. We’re not overthinking, and we’re not overdoing, we’re just being, and when our brains are at ease we can usually come up with some pretty awesome ideas. Or even just remember to call your mum.

Being busy might make us feel productive, but doing nothing often leads to the best kind of something.

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