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So I did it!

I released my first yoga video to YouTube.

Some of you have seen it already, some of you may have even done the practice. Thank you. And thank you an extra bit if you subscribed. You’re a legend.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this. Truly excited. Not even scared. (A little bit scared).

If you know me, you know I love and adore Yoga with Adriene. I have practiced with Adriene more than any other yogi in the world. I also love to take online classes with the incredible Jess Rose.

I just love doing yoga online.

Early in my yogi days I would get into a studio once a week. And by studio, I mean RSL hall across from a primary school.

Yoga for me never felt pretentious. I’ve been lucky.

I know there are a lot of people out there who want to try yoga but are scared that they don’t ‘look’ like a yogi. They aren’t flexible enough. Whatever it is.

These fears come up when we are among other people. We feel judged. We look around the room to check if we’re doing it right, we see someone face-planting their leg and think we need to as well. Not true. But, I get it. I used to do it too.

But then I found the wonders of the Internet and discovered an at-home yoga practice.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve practiced in my pyjamas. Or in a dress, because I couldn’t be bothered squeezing into my yoga pants.

Bra off – tits hanging about in downward-facing dog. Ah! The at-home yoga experience.

Plus, there’s no need to dedicate an hour or more out of a busy day to gain the benefits of yoga. Twenty minutes, generally, is my ideal yoga time.

I’ve gained so much from practicing at home.

I don’t compare myself to anyone in the class. And I don’t compare myself to the teacher either, because a good yoga instructor doesn’t make you feel like you need to push your body into doing something it’s just not ready to do.

I spend more time focussing on my breath, and less time worrying about the lady behind me staring at the back fat poking out of my sports bra.

I have developed my practice in leaps and bounds. Being able to practice for just a small amount of time, means I have more time to fit it in. Which, in turn, means I practice more often.

Plus, I save money.

I still love to get into the studio, and doing both in conjunction has been the best.

I hate to think I’m copying anyone, and it’s tricky with yoga, because there are only so many poses and so many ways to string them together. There is no copyright on yoga, although I believe Mr Bikram tried. And failed.

So, it’s not about copying my mentors. It’s about bringing more of this unpretentious version of yoga into the world.

It’s about getting butts on the mat. Because for anyone who’s tried it, you know! You know how good yoga is for your body and mind. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes.

I take inspiration from the Adriene’s and Jess’ who’ve come before me, as they took inspiration from their teachers.

And I do this to bring yoga into your living room. Bra-free and pants optional. You must be able to breathe, but no other prerequisites required.

I bring you these videos with love and a great desire to spread real yoga. And not ‘Real Yoga’ as a brand (although a nice thought), but real yoga. A connection to yourself, and through that, a connection with others and all that exists.

Too much?

Don’t even worry about it! Just move your arms and legs a bit and the rest will come.

I hope you enjoy the channel and the videos to come.

With love.

Check out the channel here.

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